Watch NOS from abroad

If you want to watch Dutch television, one of the leading and most popular channels is NOS. This is a leading channel, not only in sports events, but also in other great programs.

Personally I enjoy NOS the most during larger sports events, because many channels only broadcast such events on their pay-tv channels. But, when all other nation show events on their pay TV channels, NOS broadcast them on their Internet live stream and you can watch them; all you need is an IP address in the Netherlands. Luckily that can be fixed easily, and that is what this article is about.

NOS from abroad - not available

This is the error message you get trying to watch NOS from abroad

How can I watch NOS from abroad?

To watch NOS from abroad you need to trick websites on the Internet to believe that you reside and stay in the Netherlands. That might sound hard, but the reality is that it is easy. With a VPN connection you can easily get a Dutch IP address easily and once you have that, everything should be working. What makes it even better is that the Netherlands is an important nation to many, and therefore all VPN providers normally have tons of servers in the nation with great download speeds, making it easy to get going and watch even live streams without buffering and other annoying problems.

I am writing this article using a VPN to watch the Champions League match between Ajax and AC Milan online using HideMyAss, and it is working great. There is no buffering and I can enjoy the match and the Dutch commentaries (even though I do not understand to much of that interesting language).

Watching NOS from outside Holland

I am now watching Champions League live on NOS from abroad

If you want to do the same as me and watch NOS from abroad, then you can do like me and sign up for a VPN account by HideMyAss. Once signed up you only download the client and connect to a server in the Netherlands, and you are ready to watch NOS from outside the Netherlands at once. Good luck and enjoy!!

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