How can I watch Dutch TV abroad?

If you want to watch NPO, NOS, SBS 6 or other Dutch TV stations abroad you will get some trouble doing so. How can I watch Dutch TV abroad? As you, for example, visit the NPO website to watch NPO from outside the Netherlands you will get an error message telling you that NPO cannot show the content you want to watch outside the Netherlands. That is because of a… Read More »

Watch the FIFA World Cup on NOS from abroad

So, you are a football fan and would love to watch the FIFA World Cup on NOS. But, have you discovered that NOS blocks users outside the Netherlands, and they even block people using IPVanish, HideMyAss and other VPN services? How are you gonna stream the FIFA World Cup on NOS from abroad then? Between June 14th and July 15th, the FIFA World Cup is arranged in Russia. Vladimir Putin… Read More »

Watch the Summer Olympics on NOS

NOS is the number one channel for sports in the Netherlands. This summer you can watch the Summer Olympics on NOS, both within and outside the Netherlands. Holland has a lot to fight for as their contestants travel to Rio to compete. In 2008 the contestants from the Netherlands ended up bringing home a total of 16 medals, whereof 7 were gold medals. As a consequence they ended up as… Read More »

Cheering for the neighbors

It is Euro 2016 and since the Netherlands is not there I guess it is fair to cheer for Belgium instead. And right now they are playing against Italy and with 5 minutes left to play Italy is still in the lead with 1-0. But, Belgium has had the ball and the pressure for the last 30 minutes (and really throughout the entire match), so I at least hope that… Read More »

Great NOS summer coming up!

NOS is going to have a fantastic summer and we as viewers will for sure enjoy it as well. First NOS will broadcast the entire Euro 2016 live from France in June and July and then in August it is time for Brazil to invade the screens of NOS as they will broadcast the entire Summer Olympics 2016. What is really great with NOS is that they have free live… Read More »