Watch the FIFA World Cup on NOS from abroad

So, you are a football fan and would love to watch the FIFA World Cup on NOS. But, have you discovered that NOS blocks users outside the Netherlands, and they even block people using IPVanish, HideMyAss and other VPN services? How are you gonna stream the FIFA World Cup on NOS from abroad then?

fifa world cup on NOS

Between June 14th and July 15th, the FIFA World Cup is arranged in Russia. Vladimir Putin and his country welcome the world, and even though people do not appreciate Putin that much, they still love to watch football. And thus, the entire world looks to Russia again to watch sports, just like they did during the Winter Olympics in 2014.

But, how are you gonna stream the football matches broadcasted by NOS in the Netherlands if you live somewhere else?

You can read more information in general on how to watch NOS from abroad here at, but if you want to read an article in Dutch, then I suggest checking out this article: Hoe kun je het WK 2018 via NOS toch volgen vanuit het buitenland?

It is a brilliant article and will give you exactly the information that you look for.

I am really sad about the fact that the Netherlands did not qualify for the tournament, but hopefully, the new time of glory for the Netherlands in international football will return soon. Until then, let’s cheer for England, Belgium, France or maybe Argentina? You decide!

If you want to stream the FIFA World Cup, just somehow, online – read this article at There you can find out how to watch the matches on BBC/ITV in the UK from all across the world, and on all sorts of platforms.

Watch the Summer Olympics on NOS

Summer Olympics on NOSNOS is the number one channel for sports in the Netherlands. This summer you can watch the Summer Olympics on NOS, both within and outside the Netherlands.

Holland has a lot to fight for as their contestants travel to Rio to compete. In 2008 the contestants from the Netherlands ended up bringing home a total of 16 medals, whereof 7 were gold medals. As a consequence they ended up as the 12th best nation on the medal ranking in 2008.

In the Summer Olympics in London in 2012 they ended up as the 13th best nation. This time they got 20 medals in total, whereof six were gold medals. And it should be told that the ranking is based purely on amount of gold medals. If you for example compare Holland to Hungary (who ended up 10th) you will see that Holland got more medals, but since Hungary got eight gold medals they still got a higher medal ranking than the Netherlands.

Watch the Summer Olympics on NOS

If you want to watch the Summer Olympics on NOS (NPO) then all you have to do is to visit There you will find lots of information and live streams from the most important events during the Summer Olympics. You should however be warned. The live streams are only available inside the Netherlands, which means that you will not be able to watch the live streams from abroad. This can however easily be fixed. If you want to watch NOS abroad simply click the link to read my instructions on how it is done.

For those who like BBC in England you will find instructions on how to watch the Summer Olympics online here. There you will also be able to see who will broadcasted the event in lots of other nations.

Have you read through this article, but do not really like to read in English? You can find out more about how to watch the Summer Olympics online at

Cheering for the neighbors

Belgium vs ItalyIt is Euro 2016 and since the Netherlands is not there I guess it is fair to cheer for Belgium instead. And right now they are playing against Italy and with 5 minutes left to play Italy is still in the lead with 1-0. But, Belgium has had the ball and the pressure for the last 30 minutes (and really throughout the entire match), so I at least hope that they will be able to score a goal within the coming five minutes.

As you probably know all the matches in Euro 2016 will be broadcasted on NOS in the Netherlands, meaning that you can watch them online at the NOS website. If you are located abroad then you can follow these instructions to watch NOS/NPO from abroad.

You can also read more on about how you can watch NOS and other Dutch channels online abroad, but be aware of the fact that those instructions are only available in Dutch language, so if you do not understand that, do not visit that site, but read the instructions here at instead.

Well, now it is only 1 1/2 minute left of the match and Italy is still in the lead, so this does not look to bright, but the hope is not yet gone entirely. But, the Italians play really boring football in times like this and now they even scored a 2-0 goal and that means that the victory just arrived to Italy. Congratulations on the second goal, it was really beautiful.

But, that means that all the pressure will be on Belgium as they will play against Ireland on June 17th and against Sweden on June 22nd. We have lots of great football to look forward to also in the coming days and weeks.

Great NOS summer coming up!

NOS is going to have a fantastic summer and we as viewers will for sure enjoy it as well. First NOS will broadcast the entire Euro 2016 live from France in June and July and then in August it is time for Brazil to invade the screens of NOS as they will broadcast the entire Summer Olympics 2016.

What is really great with NOS is that they have free live streams available online at which you can follow both these events online and all you need in order for this to work is a Dutch IP address, that is an IP address in the Netherlands. Because when you visit they check your location based on your IP address, and if they discover that you are located outside of Netherlands you will not be allowed to watch their live streams from the Euro 2016 and from the Summer Olympics. So, why not change your IP address so that you can watch? Read more about how you can from abroad right here.

We really look forward to these events, but we must admit that it will be strange to see a European Championship in football in which the Netherlands will not be present. This nation and this team that for sure is among the very best teams in the world had a terrible qualification and somehow they did not even manage to end up third in their group, but instead they ended up fourth behind Iceland, Czech Republic and Turkey. And no teams at fourth place did get a chance to qualify, meaning that the Netherlands did not even get to play play-off matches. But, the Euro 2016 will for sure be interesting anyways, and we look really forward to it.

If you want to know more about the Euro 2016 then you can find news and information about online watching at For more information about how to watch the Summer Olympics 2016 online read this article.

How can I watch the World Cup 2014 on NOS from outside the Netherlands?

I am currently living outside the Netherlands, but I would love to watch the World Cup 2014 on NOS online. Is that possible? How can I watch the World Cup online on NOS from outside the Netherlands?

World Cup on NOS online

That is a brilliant question, and we totally understand you asking the question. There is nothing like watching the World Cup on your own national TV, and coming from Holland, the best way to watch the World Cup 2014 is to watch it on NOS.

Luckily for us all, there is a solution to watching the World Cup 2014 online on NOS from outside the Netherlands. The solution is to use a VPN, a Virtual Private Network, a solution that will connect you to a server in the Netherlands, and thus give you a Dutch IP address, which again will make it possible for you to watch the World Cup 2014 on NOS from abroad.

Watch World Cup 2014 on NOS from abroad

What you need to do now is to sign up for the VPN provider with the best product in the Netherlands, which is PureVPN. Follow these steps:

  • Click the PureVPN box and sign up for their VPN services.
  • Download the PureVPN VPN client and connect to a server in the Netherlands.
  • Restart your browser.
  • Visit and enjoy all the World Cup 2014 matches online from wherever you are in the world.

Visit PureVPN websiteAnd get your desired IP address in seconds

It is as easy as it sounds. Enjoy the match and may the Netherlands win it all! It is possible to use HideMyAss for this purpose as well, but at the time of writing this article, it seems as if PureVPN gives even better results.